Best Reverse DNS providers

In many cases, you need to add PTR records and verify that some IP addresses belong to a specific domain name. Then you need Reverse DNS, and the easiest way to have it is through a Reverse DNS provider. See this list of some of the best Reverse DNS providers, and we hope you find the right for you.

Dirty cheap price – easyDNS

You can get Reverse DNS for as little as $24.95 a year! You heard that right, less than $3 per month.

What else can you expect from easyDNS – Free DNS plan if you register a domain with them, 20 DNS records, 250 000 queries per month.

If you want to spend a bit more, you can get the Anycast Pro plan which is $55 per year with domain registration or $40 without. You will get unlimited DNS records, 5 million queries, 15 Points of Presence (PoPs), IPv6, DNSSEC, and more advanced features.

EasyDNS is a good option for people who are on a budget.

Pay exactly what you use – Constellix

If you are looking for a Reverse DNS, Constellix might be a good provider for you. It does not use the traditional subscription model and focus on real use. You pay for the services you have used. For example, standard domains cost $5 per one or $0.50 (2-25), or 0.095 (more than 25). The GTD-enabled domains cost more. Normal queries cost $0.395 per million (up to a billion) or $0.195 per million (more). There are different prices for GeoProximity queries, ANAME queries, and IP filter queries. The number of DNS records that you can use for free is 250. Any additional costs $0.08. Additional features cost extra, so you can think well and get a quote for your exact needs.

If you are good with the calculator, it might be a very good idea to check Constellix.

A good all-rounder – ClouDNS

ClouDNS has many options, both for small and large companies. This time we are going to focus on one of their best plans for Reverse DNS – Premium M. It costs $4.95 per month, and what you get is 8 name servers and 34 PoPs! You will have the possibility to use up to 75 DNS zones and 3500 DNS records in total. The number of DNS queries is unlimited, so you won’t worry if they run out. You will get many extras like DNSSEC, DNS Failover, DNS Monitor, 150 Email Forwards, 24/7 customer support, API for integration, and more.

No free Reverse DNS provider

Sadly we couldn’t see even a single free Reverse DNS provider out there. You can find at least a few good providers for other DNS services like Dynamic DNS or Secondary DNS, but not for this one. Anyway, the previously mentioned 3 companies have affordable offers so we can’t cry about it, can we?


If you need a Reverse DNS service, there you have 3 excellent providers. Which one is the best for you? Only you can make this decision. Go on, check them out and find your match.

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